Our mission is to connect and enlighten people who are passionate about rediscovering the world through food, travel and everything hospitality. 

Lisa bio headshotHi, I’m Lisa. I’m the founder and creator of this website. 

I’ve been consumed with the hospitality and travel industries since I can remember. As a child, I would watch hours of cooking shows instead of cartoons and, as a teenager, worship chefs over rock stars. 

This, and the fact that I came from a family of chefs, made it natural for me to start a career in the restaurant business. I started to work at a very young age, covering almost every front of house position, in some of the most reputable restaurants in Montreal. This set my standards for service and quality extremely high.

While working, I got two degrees, one in Public Relations and the other in Business Management (offered in collaboration with the most specialized and prestigious hotel management school in Quebec). I made the Dean’s Honour List in both and was hired as a business intern at the head office of a well-known Montreal hospitality group. I’m still with them and am now deeply involved in many aspects of the company’s development. 

I’ve had the chance to travel since a young age and it’s always stayed a passion of mine. Between school and work, I’ve always made it a priority to explore new places. From Europe to South America to Africa and Asia, I’ve had many different experiences from which I’ve learned a lot and that will be shared with you in this blog.

My infatuation with food and travel has never gone away. I have had the chance to apply my passion in my work, my cooking, my outings and my travels. Over the years, many have come to me for guidance and I have always gone the extra yard to help and assist them. I’m hoping you’ll also be able to learn a thing or two by tuning in. 

Thanks for being here,

Lisa xo